The MRKD Story

How The MRKD Store was Born


Simply put, I LOVE home. I love comfort, safety, warmth, and cozy. Can you sense an introvert? I am!

Home is not only where the heart is, but home is where the REST is.

With the pandemic our lives changed. By force, we began spending enormous amounts of time at home. Working, worrying, educating our kids (if we had them), and quarantining. We faced aspects of our lives that were previously folded away or drowned out by the busyness and hustle and bustle of coming and going.

As we sit in year three of this new way of life, the home means something completely different.

A full-time homeschooling Mom, I spend the majority of my time here, as do my children. Many of you also found yourselves home permanently as homeschooling mothers, remote working professionals, etc. 

I wanted rich biblical and educational material in order to enhance daily learning for my Littles. I wanted to enhance my prayer time and my prayer space. I wanted constant reminders of God's word, hope, and truth not just tucked in my journals or my bible or bookshelf.

I wanted to see it in my kitchen.

On the walls in my bathroom and bedroom.

In my office on my desk.

I wanted to see it waking up and when I went down for the evening.

I wanted my kids to see this too, and soak in it daily while learning.

And, that is how...The MRKD Store was born.


I want to provide this value to other goldy Women who bear the mark of Christ:

Moms...and Non-Moms

Remote working Professionals and on the go Trailblazers.


Maybe you can find me at the intersection where Marie Kondo, Martha Stewart, and Joanna Gaines meet somehow... sort of...

...And soaked in the sweet fragrance of Jesus!